Stock Car racing is as old as the first production cars. No doubt shortly after two cars appeared in the same area there was a race. Vintage Stock Car racing came of age in the 1950s and by the 1970s was very popular. The Stock Cars prior to the 1980s were basically the street frame, bodies and drive train slightly modified for safety, handling, braking and reliability. The cars appeared, and were very much like, the car that the average person drove on the street. Each make was very different in style, appearance and size. Engines were very different between makes especially in the 1940s and 1950s. Overhead Valve straight 6s, Flathead 6s, Hemi V8s, Big Block V8s, Small Block V8s, Flathead V8s, Overhead Cam V8s. It was a feast of engine diversity. Competitiveness was not orchestrated to equalize the field. If a manufacturer came up with a better car, so be it, it usually won. Excellence prevailed. VSCAR Salutes these legends.

The Vintage Stockcar Collecting and Racing encourages restoration to running condition of period correct pre-2007 racing Stock Cars. It organizes on-track "Showcases" at major racing events and other events to display the past Stock Cars great history up to 2007. All cars are registered in the VSCAR Registry database. It also serves as a depository of historic vintage material. It will publicize this sector of "America's Racing Heritage™" thru event appearances and thru all forms of media.


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